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Studio of Innovative Legal Services

We design solid legal expectations

Legal services and technologies in Armenia.

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Legal Services and Tech in Armenia

Modernizing legal practices

In any scenario and outcome, the law is all about legitimate expectations while facing the dynamics of the unpredictable routine. We ensure that everything works as planned.

With an over-decade experience in law and now in programming, we integrate technologies into legal practice and dedicate ourselves to making legal arrangements work more intelligent, human error-free, discretion-less and standard-proof.

Spheres of competence

  • Corporate

    • Companies & corporate affairs
    • Business model & tax optimization
  • Financial Sector

    • Money, securities & financial institutions
    • Crypto- & DLT
    • AML/CTF
  • Technologies

    • Electronic documents, CA & e-signature
    • E-commerce
    • Communication service providers
  • Privacy

    • Private data protection
    • GDPR complience
  • Migration

    • Residency
    • Citizenship
  • HR regulation

    • Employment beaureaucracy
    • Labor procedures complience & optimization
  • Industrial sector

    • Solar Energy
    • Mining
  • Marketing

    • Ads
    • Product placement
  • Debt collection

    • Judicial & extrajudicial
    • Insolvency cases
    • Enforcement & eviction

    Apps, that do law

    Apps made by lawyers

    Legal apps are capable of performing vast variaty of simple to complex tasks effectively.

    We automate legal consulting, document preparation, due diligence operations, legal scrutinies and follow-ups, reducing time and costs, optimizing resources for increased volumes of tasks, and focusing on the large picture.

    Introducing Ajurdaran

    This app helps easily track and follow public auctions organized by State Enforcement Agency of Armenia.

    Available only for real-estate business.

    More apps are coming soon.

    About Elawphant

    We carry exceptional projects and design useful legal apps. Occasionally, we write policy papers, draft laws and law frameworks.

    Elawphant was founded in 2016 as a general law firm by Attorney Gevorg Hakobyan. In 2020 we moved to B2B sector and IT to help skyrocket the next big undertaking or entrepreneural idea, and we already do.

    We are member of Armenian Chamber of Advocates and Nooor Blockchain Association, proudly pitching at #ChainPointArmenia.

    Nooor Armenian Blockchain Association Chamber of Advocates of Armenia